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 Crossfire Shooting Gear manufactures holsters, range bags, cases, and accessories.  They are known for their innovative design, such as the Vera-holster system that allows the user to connect the shoulder bandolier strap so the holster can be converted to a shoulder holster.  

Crossfire Shooting Gear offers a variety of holsters for semi-automatic pistols.  The Bulldog holster is fully ambidextrous and can be worn in a traditional or Crossdraw carry.  The Outlander holster can be switch between hip and shoulder carry.  It is designed with an enclosed bottom and is completely ambidextrous.  Crossfire Armadillo is a very low profile holster.  The holster is very flexible but keeps it shape.  The Gecko holster and the Wombat holster are constructed for a pocket size semi-automatic pistol.  They have a rubber exterior fabric with a fleece interior.  The Rhino holster works with the Crossfire Elite waist belt system.  It is totally ambidextrous and has an enclosed bottom.   Crossfire’s Rocket holster has the Crossfire innovated 3D holster design and Speed-Retainer system.  The Traverse holster holds larger frame guns, such as the Beretta 92 military issue, 96 and Ninety-two series.  It can be worn on the outside of the belt or between the
belt and pants.  

Crossfire Shooting Gear also provides a range of holsters for revolvers.  The Alaskan holster is a low profile Vera-holster that converts from a hip/belt holster system to a fully functional shoulder holster system.  It is fully ambidextrous that can work as a cross draw or traditional carry.  The Crossfire Safari holster has all the same features of the Alaska.  In addition, the Safari has the feature that allows Crossfire accessories, such as ammo pouches, flashlight pouches and multi-pouches to dock to the side of holster.  The Stealth is a low profile thin revolver holster.  It has the Crossfire Spring-loaded hammer retainer strap system.  

Crossfire Elite Nitro Rifle Case 42-inch

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Price: $54.64