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NcSTAR ImageNcStar manufactures distinctive quality optics that is built to last a lifetime.  They have innovative designs and high quality standards.  NcStar has a range of customers from armed forces and professional users all the way to novices.  They strive to supply well-made optics at a reasonable price and provide superb customer service to all who purchase their products.

NcStar offer a range of scopes.  The Mark III Tactical series is consider their most innovative design.  It is a sophisticated scopes designed for snipers, hunters, and target shooters.  The Pistoloero Series is designed for pistols, scout rifles or any other plateform where long eye relief is needed.  They offer long eye relief scopes in variety of power settings.  For close quarter battle or long range shooting NcStar designed the Ultimate Sighting System.  It has the NcStar Mark III Tactical Scope with the advantage of a back-up NcStar Red Dot Sight.

NcStar produces sights for firearms.  Their newest sight is the Red Dot Sight Red & Green Illuminatior.  It is a multi reticle reflex sight that illuminates in red and green.  The sight is equipped with a 7 Position Rheostat so the brightness level can be set for the environment. The Tactical Red Dot sight is a 4-reticle reflex red dot sight.  NcStar Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight is the right solution when size is an issue.  

NcStar also manufactures lasers and flashlight for pistols, rifles and shotguns.  They offer the NcStar Tactical 120 Lumen  Flashlight/Laser.  This flashlight puts out a white-hot 120 lumens.  Below the flashlight is an Integrated, fully adjustable red laser.  NcStar Pistol and Rifle Green laser and the NcStar Compact Green Laser are extremely bright to distance.  The NcStar Tactical flashlight is a compact flashlight that puts out 35 lumens.  

NcStar is committed to develop high quality products that met their customers’ firearm accessory needs. They strive to produce new products with the latest technology.

NC Star Mossberg 500/590 Barrel Micro Red Dot Rail

UPC: 848754000996

SKU: EL-0936253

Price: $7.14


NCStar AK Receiver Cover Weaver Scope Mount

UPC: 814108011918

SKU: EL-0925189

Price: $8.33


NcSTAR Vism Tactical Rifle Scabbard, Woodland Camo, CVRSCB2919WC

UPC: 848754002723

SKU: GS-260588

Price: $11.24


NCStar MSAK AK Scope Mount.

UPC: 814108016869

SKU: GS-96331

Price: $11.60


NcStar AR Chest Rig - Green

UPC: 814108018566


Price: $63.99

This item is on order with the manufacturer

NC Star Remington 870 Barrel Micro Dot Rail

UPC: 848754001023

SKU: EL-0936254

Price: $11.91


NcStar Vism Ak Chest Rig, Urban Gray

UPC: 848754000835

SKU: GS-196646

Price: $12.16


NCSTAR Gun Case (38

UPC: 848754002761

SKU: GS-260595

Price: $12.26


NC Star VAAR45VG Vism 45/90 Degree

UPC: 848754002334

SKU: GS-260608

Price: $12.67


NcStar 30mm Flip To Side Mount For Magnifier

UPC: 848754003478

SKU: GS-267266

Price: $12.67


NCSTAR Gun Case (40

UPC: 814108016050

SKU: GS-96318

Price: $12.81


NCSTAR Gun Case (40

UPC: 814108016098

SKU: GS-96290

Price: $12.81


NcStar Gun Case (40

UPC: 814108013417

SKU: GS-96273

Price: $12.81


NCStar AR-15 Flip-Up Front Sight

UPC: 814108014070


Price: $12.99

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NcStar Vism Tactical Shotgun Scabbard, Urban Gray

UPC: 848754000934

SKU: GS-196644

Price: $13.06


NCSTAR Gun Case (42

UPC: 814108016135

SKU: GS-96291

Price: $13.38


NC Star CVU2907-42 VISM Gun Case

UPC: 848754001177

SKU: GS-196650

Price: $13.38


NC Star VMARKMR Vism Keymod Rail

UPC: 848754002266

SKU: EL-1038305

Price: $14.29


NC Star Keymod Rail System Mid Length Black

UPC: 848754002259

SKU: EL-1037658

Price: $14.29


NcStar AK Chest Rig - Woodland Camo

UPC: 848754002808

SKU: GS-260594

Price: $14.71


NCSTAR Scoped Gun Case, Black

UPC: 814108013271

SKU: GS-59711

Price: $15.21


NCSTAR Gun Case (40

UPC: 848754001160

SKU: GS-196649

Price: $15.70


NC Star PVC First Responders Woodland Camo

UPC: 848754002792

SKU: GS-260589

Price: $15.92


NcStar Vism First Responders Utility Bag, Blue

UPC: 848754001122

SKU: GS-196639

Price: $15.92