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Since 2002, T R Imports, Inc. has been offering a wide variety of one-of-a-kind items, and we are proud to provide exclusive Turkish shotguns at affordable prices. Because we are a joint venture with Turkey’s most important distributor, we offer unparalleled access to unique Turkish products, as well as a deep knowledge of the country and what it has to offer.

We are pleased to announce that as of September 2013, T R Imports, Inc. is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Austrian Roessler rifles.

TR RZ17 12Ga. 28

UPC: 812052023858

SKU: CH-TFRZ171228

Price: $209.99

In-Stock: 7 - Ships from Warehouse

TR RZ17 Home Defense12Ga. 18.5

UPC: 812052024237

SKU: SS-114551

Price: $210.07

In-Stock: 3 - Ships from Warehouse

TR RZ17 Tactical 12Ga. 18.5

UPC: 812052024206


Price: $251.00

In-Stock: 10+ - Ships from Warehouse

TR Imports XP Marine Express Pump 12 Gauge 20 Inch Barrel

UPC: 812052022363


Price: $294.00

In-Stock: 4 - Ships from Warehouse

TR Imports  Silver Eagle Black with Walnut Stock 12 Gauge 26 Inch Barrel 5 Rd

UPC: 856953002352

SKU: EL-0142212

Price: $337.99

This item is on order with the manufacturer

TrR XT3 Tact .410 18.5

UPC: 812052022738


Price: $575.00

In-Stock: 1 - Ships from Warehouse

TR SE122 Tact 12Ga.18.5

UPC: 812052024091


Price: $612.00

In-Stock: 10+ - Ships from Warehouse